• The Teachings of Jesus

    New Thoughts on the Gospels' principles, prayers, and parables.

    A book of uncommonly reasonable thought, presented, in a way, that facilitates insight and understanding.

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Glenn Chaffin's Teachings of Jesus is the first book in his New Thoughts series
The Teaching of Jesus by Glenn Chaffin is available at Amazon.com
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The Teachings of Jesus
New Thoughts on the Gospels' Principles, Prayers, and Parables

Commentary on the teachings without all the preaching!


    It is avaiable exclusively at Amazon.com in both Paper and eBook formats.


    It is about 174 pages (50,000 words) of clear thinking on the Beatitudes, Lord's Prayer, and Parables.


    1) Christians who question what they've been taught about Jesus

  • 2) New Thought Christians whose questions remain unanswered
  • 3) Students of the Gospels who wish to reconcile their Christian beliefs with their New Thought spirituality

Written by Rev. Glenn Chaffin, at a time when New Thought is mistaken for New Age, this book provides the reader with a firm grasp of the fundamentals of New Thought. It is predicated on the idea that everyone is one with the infinite One, Our Father, God.

This book is about the teachings of Jesus, not more teachings about Jesus. It is not even about what New Thought teaches about Jesus. Instead, it simply and clearly describes what Jesus taught about our place in the kingdom of God. This book is not a metaphysical after-thought, but the first NewThought published on the teachings of Jesus in the last forty years.


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The Teachings of Jesus

features Rev. Chaffin’s commentary on ...

  • the Beatitudes, those so called blessed attitudes.
  • the Lord’s Prayer, that was never intended to be a prayer.
  • the ponderous Parables of the Kingdom.

Written for those who seek inspiration in the Gospels, this is not a book of common sense but of uncommonly reasonable ideas, presented, in a way, that facilitates insight and understanding. The Beatitudes confront the conceptual limits with a wake-up call: Cheer up! So what if you are in a bad way; you’re in good company, and there is value to be realized here and now. The Lord’s Prayer was not meant to be intoned by drones. It offers instruction in prayer and directions for living a thoughtful life. The Parables offer a new mental construct; a glimpse of what it is like to live and work within the house of the Lord. Open-minded Christians and students of New Thought alike may be pleasantly surprised to learn what The Teachings of Jesus has in store for them.

  • #1 Inspiration


  • #2 Information


  • #3 Intuition


  • #4 Insight


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The Teachings of Jesus:New Thoughts on the Gospels' Principles, Prayers and Parables, by Glenn Chaffin, is available exclusively through Amazon.com.

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A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

Confucius said: "No matter how busy you think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance."

"The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world." ~ Mr. James A. Edgerton on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915

Author Info

Glenn Chaffin 40 years of Spiritual Contemplation

Rev. Chaffin is a student of the teachings of Jesus and the philosophy of Emerson, as well as a Science of Mind teacher and Religious Science preacher. He earned a degree in Philosophy from the University of Nevada, and a degree in ministerial studies, as well as ordination from the United Church of Religious Science. In 1975, Rev. Chaffin moved his family to Minnesota to begin his ministry. He has been teaching and providing pastoral care to the local New Thought community for almost forty years, although lately devoting more time to writing.

Don’t let the photo fool you.

Rev. Chaffin is highly adept at thinking outside of the box, although he does color inside the lines. In this first book in his New Thoughts on … series, he focuses our attention on what usually defines, and confines, the thinking of traditional Christians: the Gospels. Glenn Chaffin's New Thought commentary will bring a smile to the face of all who enjoy insights that perceive possibilities that extend beyond the limits of their preconceived notions.

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  • Reality is not the mental construct you think it is.
  • Glenn Chaffin is at home in his library.
  • Glenn Chaffin is at home on the North Shore.
  • Glenn Chaffin is at home in the woods.

Insights are found within

Jesus spoke to individuals, in a way, that required them to find the meaning of his words within themselves. In keeping with his method of teaching, this book doesn’t try to provide insights. Definitions and information, even inspiration, can be found in a book. However, the understanding you seek requires recognition. just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the insights are within you! While answering some questions, this book will raise questions that it can’t answer. Nevertheless, below is a sneak peek of what you can find inside The Teachings of Jesus: New Thoughts on the Gospels' Principles, Prayers, and Parables.

For True-believers and Free-thinkers!

A book for Free-thinkers

Consider the pure-hearted
Page 30 & 31

Blessed are the ...

New Thoughts on Principles
Page 58 & 59

Generosity / Retribution

New Thoughts on the Parables
Page 70 & 71

Lessons to learn

Life responds by corresponding.
Pages 78 & 79

Parable of Debt and Forgiveness

Expect the best and accept the rest.
Pages 112 & 113

Parable of Sowing and Reaping

Thinking Good Thoughts?
Pages 120 & 121

Parable of Wheat and Tares

Light-bearers and Way-showers: Party-goers!
Pages 160 & 161

Parable of Foolish and Wise

eBooks also function as a concordance!
Don't judge a book by it's cover;

Look inside!

Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life
Change Your Thinking

Change Your Life!


This is a book for open-minded seekers of Truth and wisdom who have the courage to confront the challenge of a new thought: you may have to change your mind!

Below are a few noteworthy quotes from Rev. Chaffin's commentary on the teachings of Jesus. While facts and opinions require context to be meaningful, the Truth may stand alone. The following statements, though taken out of context, speak to the Truth that sets us free from the misinterpretations and misconceptions that have led so many Christians to raise questions and objections that result in their eventual rejection of the Gospels. Now, students of New Thought need no longer ignore the teachings of Jesus, even though they reject the doctrines commonly associated with them.


Notes and Quotes
The Teaching of Jesus

by Glenn Chaffin

The Truth is never a new idea, but the inspiration it reveals is always a new thought.

  • Perhaps the perfect prayer is Thank God; for when it comes to public prayers, the less said the better.

    - pg. 3
  • There are no new thoughts waiting around to be found. There is only an eventually recognition of eternal truths.

    - pg. 6
  • It may not be obvious, but our blessing is not a future reward. Our blessing is concurrent with the attitude we express.

    - pg. 12
  • Be advised: prolonged mourning does not prolong the comfort. Being comforted has a point of diminishing returns. Prolonged comforting becomes pampering, which if continued will begin to chaff our soul.

    - pg. 18
  • Jesus advised that to rise above conflict we must go beyond what is demanded of us, required of us, or forced from us. We live free of our inner resistance and resentments as we choose to do more than is necessary.

    - pg. 36
  • No matter how great you think God is, if we think of God and man instead of God as man, then we are not thinking big enough.

    - pg 6
  • ... once anything is old enough to be forgotten, once it is out of sight and out of mind, it becomes new again. It is as true of thoughts as it is of things, because it is true of us: the only new thought is the one that is new to you.

    - Pg. 6
  • If you wish to make peace with others, be agreeable, but do not agree with them or give your consent to them. You need not be argumentative, judgmental and antagonistic, but neither do you need to make agreements you cannot keep with yourself, and by yourself..

    - Pg. 38
  • The will of God is that it be done unto us as we believe, that we receive as we give, and that we reap more than we sow.

    - Pg. 52
  • Praying for God to be good to you, to give and to forgive you, is a waste of time for that is already the nature of your relationshp with God. If you pray to remind yourself of your blessings, then that is time well invested, but don't waste your time asking for what is already given.

    - Pg. 57
  • If we truly understood the Law of God, we would not try to apply Its priciples to our advantage alone. After all, we are not alone in life. We are one with Life.

    - Pg. 71
  • Judgment and punishment are not found in Nature, nor are they human nature. They are behaviors we learn by failing to learn the lessons of the parables;

    - Pg. 70
  • We don't need to know how to think or what to think in order to fulfill the first requirement of working with Life: Think! Express yourself!

    - pg. 114
  • Because our fundamental relationship is with the One, not with one another, we experience in Life what we express of Life.

    - Pg. 71
  • Do something good for someone, in a way they can't compensate you, and your reward is in heaven (within you). You'll know the good you've done, and that you are at heart, good; and you can't put a price on the value that has for your life and well-being.

    - pg. 105
  • An enlightened mind combines the knowledge of how best to work with Life's creative intelligence, and the knowledge of when and how to get out of Its way

    - pg. 115
  • To know how to love, bless and forgive requires the recognition of perfection. We do not love and forgive others because they are only human, but because we are all perfect spritual beings..

    - pg. 9
  • Even though we don't know how It works, we may work with It, if we have faith that It does work. Faith doesn't make It work. Our faith puts us to work.

    - pg. 114
  • The lesson to learn is that thoughts determine one's experience of life; not because a higer authority punishes us for what we think, but because we experience the consciounsess we express.

    - pg. 71
  • The only way to tell the true from the false, the fact from the fiction, is to let it all stand side by side and see what good comes of it. Only time will tell.

    - pg. 127
  • We pray to align ourselves with God's power, and the knowledge to use it wisely. We pray to uplift our consciousness of God, not to be lifted up by God

    - Pg. 65
  • ... it is better that we give thanks for what we've got than to bemoan what we have not. It is better to affirm that we are blessed than to digress.

    - pg. 12
  • When we forgive, we affirm abundance. When we forgive, we affirm our giving and our receiving. When we forgive, we affirm that we are forgiven.

    - Pg. 61
  • Life only does for you what It can do through you, and if you are not ready, if you think you are not ready, if you don't feel ready, then Life can do nothing with you or for you.

    - Pg. 87

To Be

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The Teachings of Jesus: New Thoughts on the Gospels' Principles, Prayers and Parables by Glenn Chaffin is available on Amazon.com in print or ebook format.